Our mission :

Shaping the future of sustainable mobility

Electrical intelligence
at the heart of nature

At Theron, being the 1st Canadian electric ATV manufacturer, we're proud to be pioneers in the field of decarbonization. We firmly believe that innovation is key to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

We are committed to develop and manufacture state-of-the-art electric off-highway vehicles, but our vision doesn't stop there. We also strive to push the boundaries of innovation by offering clever solutions to limit tool duplication and maximize the versatility of our vehicles.

By choosing Theron and the Reever, you're opting for an innovative electric mobility that is ready to meet today's challenges and anticipate future needs.

Together, we are shaping the future of mobility by combining toughness, performance, adaptability, and commitment to a fossil-free world.

Theron, like no other

Rather than designing several vehicle models for specific uses, we build powerful and versatile vehicles designed to adapt to any situation.

With our innovative modular system, you will be able to customize your vehicle by adding accessories and options that precisely meet your needs, transforming your basic vehicle into a complete and tailor-made solution.

Cowboy loading a hay bale on a Reever
The Reever, Theron's fully electric quad, hauling plants and other items through grass and trees

This bold approach stimulates innovation by reducing duplication of tools and promoting optimal use of resources. By integrating multiple functions and capabilities into a single vehicle, we promote efficiency while minimizing carbon footprint.

Our qualified team rigorously manufactures quality vehicles designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions in Canada's far north. 85% of our ATV parts are sourced in Canada to ensure our vehicles are robust, stimulate the local economy and minimize our ecological impact.

Our Origins

Bastien Theron, engineer, shared with his father a passion for mechanics and electrics.

As they were working together on a thermal combustion kit car concept, in 2016, an epiphany struck Bastien, who already owned his electric car and lawnmower.

Knowing the enormous potential and immense power of electric motricity, it was decided; He was going to design an electrical quad, his favorite vehicle, which, at the time, didn’t exist on the market.


Philippe Lafontaine, with his advanced art studies, his manufacturing and his design experience, gets a call from his friend Bastien, who needed help on his project. They quickly saw how well they were working together and decided to join forces. Philippe joins the team and together, they create the very first design.

Theron, then embryonic, receives its first debenture from C3E (Centre d’Excellence en Efficacité Énergétique) for the conception of 10 pre-production vehicles, manufactured in Shawinigan, for a commercial showcase.


Theron accumulates pre-orders and puts its long years of hard work into practice. The team expands and everyone redoubles their efforts to bring the project to fruition and market the Reever.


Theron opens its first factory. Together, Bastien, Philippe and the whole team have succeeded in creating an electric quad capable of changing the whole industry.

Notre équipe de passionnés

Bastien Theron

Chief Executive Officer

Philippe Lafontaine

Operations Director

Justine Viviers

Commercial Director

Michael Fortin

Production Director

Louis Doyon

Production Team Leader

Émile Dumont

Communications and Marketing

Eliott Vayssette

Communications and Marketing

Paul Repetti

Mechatronics Technologist

Jasmin Béland

Mechatronics Technologist

Isabelle Lavergne

Storekeeper and parts clerk

Alexandra Guy


Clara Bernier-Mongrain

Electrical Engineering Technologist

Léo Trespeuch

Marketing and Business Development Advisor


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