Be a pioneer
of the energetic transition

With its heavy-duty design and upgradeable technology, the Reever is specifically designed to meet the challenges of the toughest work environments.

No matter the rough terrain you need to brave, specific tasks you need to accomplish or heavy loads you need to transport, the Reever is ready to take on any challenge.

Innovation serving safety

Avertisseur sonore

d'origine sur le Reever

Bas centre de gravité


Suspension Elka

d'origine sur le Reever

Résistant aux
Empattement large


Frein hydraulique digital

pour éviter les fausses manœuvres


châssis en chromoly 4130


batterie lithium-ion

Plaque de protection

d'origine sur le Reever

Theron offers robust, safe vehicles tested under the most vigorous conditions with 85% of components sourced in North America.

Theron's technology allows you to customize every aspect of driving, so it can perfectly suit your specific needs. From maximum speed to power output and trigger sensitivity, you have total control over your quad.

Due to its low center of gravity and wide wheelbase, the Reever offers unrivalled control and safety.

Original horn
Low center of gravity


Elka Suspension
Widewheel base


Image de synthèse du Reever, le quad 100% électrique de Theron. On voit ici les caractéristiques de sécurité du quad, comme l'avertisseur sonore, le centre de gravité bas, l'empattement large et les suspensions Elka.
Hydraulic and mechanical brakes

preventing false manoeuvres


Chromoly 4130


Lithium-Ion battery

Original skid plate

Start your journey
with Theron today:

Une femme et un homme conduisant un Reever à travers une forêt en automne

Intuitive driving

The Reever is designed to offer a smooth & responsive ride, allowing users to easily conquer various terrains and always have complete control over the quad.

  • Balanced weight distribution for easy maneuvering
  • Unsurpassed agility due to its light weight
  • Wide wheelbase and low center of gravity minimizing the risk of rollover
  • Intuitive throttle trigger and constant power curve for smooth acceleration and precise speed control
  • Hydraulic and mechanical brakes preventing false manoeuvres

A judicious investment
for a forward-looking company

Economical carbon-neutral energy
Minimal charging infrastructure
Designed and manufactured in Canada
Adaptable modular technology
Vehicles ready to face the toughest environments
Economical, long-lasting solution; requiring less maintenance

Turn your electrification
projects to reality

We firmly believe in the power of partnership and collaboration to shape a cleaner, more sustainable future. We are committed to supporting our partners throughout their energy transition.

Our team and the network of experts in the Theron community can guide you through the process of setting up your commercial electric fleet.

Un employé Theron qui travaille avec un client

Collaborative approach

Starting with an in-depth analysis of your specific requirements, enabling us to design a solution that meets your objectives and your industry.

Des employés qui travaillent sur la plannification stratégique

Strategic planning

Our team works closely with you to make the energy  transition process smooth, sustainable and beneficial.

Employés de service à la clientèle

Continuous service

To ensure your energy transition is a success, we support you in your fleet management and help you optimize the performance of your Reever.

Une femme qui utilise une clé USB

Communication tools

To support you in your media efforts to promote the positive impact of Theron vehicles in your fleet, we provide you with high-quality visual content.

Start your journey
with Theron today:

Innovative modular solutions
for adaptable electric mobility

Our team of designers and engineers is dedicated to creating interchangeable modules; allowing you to customize every aspect of your electric quad, suiting your every need. With the Reever as the centerpiece of a modular accessory ecosystem, you can connect the accessories that will be developed over the next few years.

If you have an idea for an accessory that meets a specific need or a high demand, we'd love to hear from you and incorporate your ideas into our development process.

Together, we can shape the future of sustainable mobility.

Merci de votre proposition. Nous la regarderons prochainement.
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