[TVA] - Canada's first electric ATV factory inaugurated in Trois-Rivières

September 15, 2023

Molly Béland

Translated by Theron

Theron moves to Trois-Rivières to produce Canada's first all-electric ATVs. It is located in the former Cascades premises, in the Cap-de-la-Madeleine sector.

It's a first step towards taking its place in the Valley of Energy Transition. The ATV goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 5 seconds, and is almost 100% made in Quebec.

"An innovation zone as such, there's the industrial component, the entrepreneurial component, the knowledge world component and the component associated with the living environment as well. If we look at these different criteria or mandates, Theron ticks all the boxes," explained Energy Transition Valley vice-president Guillaume Parenteau.

The plant will produce 2,500 units a year. It will take some time to reach cruising speed, but production is due to start early next year.

Already, pre-orders are registered, yes in Quebec, but also elsewhere in Canada, the United States, Central America and Europe, according to the president and CEO of the company, Bastien Theron.

He also adds that if sales are going well, "in the future we may be going back to Shawinigan, in fact, there is a good chance, but what is certain is that we will need a second plant after this pilot plant".

The prototypes will be presented to federal elected officials on 27 September.' A street in Ottawa is reserved to demonstrate the diversity of electric propulsion modes.

It shows we’re not just talking about electric cars. We have players in buses, trucks, off-road vehicles, etc.", said Daniel Breton, President and CEO of Electric Mobility Canada.

The base model is worth $17,500. It is already possible to pre-order for next year.

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