[L'Hebdo du St-Maurice] - A commercial showcase for energy efficiency

September 17, 2021

Patrick Vaillancourt

Translated by Theron

SHAWINIGAN. To highlight innovative Quebec energy efficiency products, the Center of Excellence in Energy Efficiency (C3E) unveiled a permanent commercial showcase on Thursday to provide additional visibility for these products.

The permanent installations are located at C3E, within the Energy Technopark on Avenue de la Montagne. On site, there are various equipment related to the energy efficiency of buildings and transport, offering a real overview of trends in green technologies.

How did the idea for this showcase come about? “It was in 2014 when we invested in Renewz, a carport with a solar sensor, and to find out more, people asked us where we could see the product. It's still the same problem. It’s mainly to show the product to those who don’t believe it exists. We have 35 companies that are added to our portfolio, and 4 that are in the showcase. There are opportunities to increase the number of businesses on display,” explains the president and general manager of C3E, Donald Angers.

Moreover, the C3E has just received a sum of $4 million from the Quebec Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources to support the marketing of around ten companies working in the building sector.

During the unveiling of the new commercial window, certain companies were there to present their respective products. The solar collector carport from Renewz allows part of the energy it creates to be returned directly to the building, while providing a shade point and a place to recharge vehicles. The young company Theron EV unveiled its electric mountain bike, combining both power and intelligence. This new 100% electric mountain bike will be marketed in 2022. For its part, the company vadimUS presented its commercial and institutional building management platform. Products from IDenergy and ADD Énergie, well-known players in the world of energy efficiency, were also highlighted on site.

The deployment of the commercial showcase was made possible thanks to Rio Tinto and Hydro-Québec.

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