[JDM] - (VIDEO)- Journal de Montréal : A 100% electric ATV will see the light of day in 2022

August 25, 2021

Raphaël Brouillette

Translated by Theron

Production of Theron's first 100% electric all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) is scheduled to start in 2022.

After four years in the making, the "Reever" is virtually complete. Built 100% in the Digihub workspace in Shawinigan, Mauricie, the 100% electric ATV is the brainchild of three local entrepreneurs.

Bastien Théron, Michael Jomphe and Philippe Lafontaine wanted to combine their passions for mountain biking and the electrification of transport.

"It's incredible how proud we are. It's our baby that's practically finished. There are no words to describe how we feel," explained Bastien Théron, interviewed by TVA Nouvelles on Wednesday.

The biggest challenge for the engineers was the battery, which took three days to build. The recharging socket, located at the rear of the quad, is the same as that used for electric vehicles.

The Reever has a range of 180 kilometers and a recharge time of three hours. It can reach a speed of 120 kilometers per hour and has a load capacity of 500 kilos.

However, the Shawinigan-based start-up has modest goals for the years ahead. "Our goal is not to sell 20,000 units, but to stay at a level where every ATV we produce will have impeccable quality and reliability. We want to personalize every product," explained Michael Jomphe.

The entrepreneurs plan to launch production of their all-terrain vehicle in 2022, with around 100 units.

The ATV will cost $20,000.

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