[Investissement Québec] - Transportation electrification: Quebec companies leading the way

April 22, 2021

Investissement Québec

Translated by Theron


The first company to offer the Energy as a Service (EaaS) concept, its UGOWORK® batteries are able to communicate real-time usage and performance data to its customers, so that it only bills them for the energy consumed by their forklifts.

Theron Sport

Founded in 2017, Theron Sport manufactures electric off-road vehicles. The Shawinigan-based company has launched the REEVER, a smart ATV that can reach speeds of 120 km and has a range of 180 km.

Phaneuf International

Did you know that a zamboni is actually an ice resurfacer? Even more impressive, Phaneuf has developed one that is 100% electric, fully automated and self-driving. We bet your skates will be gliding along with a clear conscience!

FLO | AddÉnergie

A North American leader in electric vehicle charging solutions, the company has deployed over 40,000 charging stations on public networks, as well as in residential and commercial environments.


Lito Green Motion

The Quebec company has developed a high-end, fully electric motorcycle. Approved by Transport Canada, the Lito Sora offers performance of 200 km/h and a range of approximately 200 km in the city and 100 km on the highway. In addition, this vehicle made of carbon fiber and aluminum is equipped with the Safe Range System capable of adjusting electricity consumption according to the destination entered into the GPS.


Effenco's Active Stop-Start technology targets the heavy vehicle market such as waste collection trucks, buses or delivery trucks. When one of these vehicles stops, the system cuts off the engines, but powers the accessories and equipment. It is thus possible to save fuel by more than 30% and reduce noise and harmful emissions.

Autobus Lion

The only manufacturer of large-capacity electric school buses in North America, Autobus Lion offers vehicles whose range of 150 km is expected to double over the next three years. The company, whose Laurentides factory is responsible for management and production, sources its supplies from more than 400 Quebec suppliers.


It was in 2019 that Mecfor announced the development of the first electric self-guided vehicle in operation in an aluminum smelter in Quebec. The AGV TEAM made its debut at the Alcoa Aluminum Works in Deschambault in June of the same year. Working 24 hours a day, the vehicle with a transport capacity of 34 metric tons also aims to reduce the ecological footprint of aluminum producers.


The company specializing in industrial design, mechanical design and digital simulation is the first to have obtained VBV (Low Speed Vehicle) approval from the SAAQ. Manufactured in Alma, Kargo is the first aluminum electric vehicle to travel on roads of 50 km/h and less.

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