[C3E] - C3E invests first $350,000 at THERON SPORT inc.

September 29, 2020


Translated by Theron

The Centre d'excellence en efficacité énergétique (C3E) is proud to announce a $350,000 investment in THERON to support the commercialization of its all-terrain vehicle: the REEVER. This investment is made possible thanks to the financial support of Transition énergétique Québec to support innovative projects in the transportation energy efficiency sector at the pre-commercialization stage.

"Quebec can and must massively reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, 43% of which are linked to transportation, but to do so, it must deploy original, economically viable solutions very quickly. C3E's investment in THERON will accelerate the introduction of a technology that helps reduce GHG emissions. Just imagine: noise-free, pollution-free walks in the forest: a true paradise! and a first in Quebec. Now, governmental and para-governmental authorities, as well as a good number of large companies and ATV enthusiasts, have a new option to promote the deployment of environmental technologies and the development of young Quebec companies, in a sector that is at the forefront of Quebec and Canada," says C3E CEO Donald Angers.

"THERON is proud to announce today that its cru is the #1 option for the best quality/price and performance purchase, while contributing to the reduction of GHG emissions. THERON's primary objective is to create a dozen commercial showcases to promote the performance and quality of the REEVER ATV. At the same time, THERON will set up an online option for all ATV enthusiasts to reserve their REEVER," says President Bastien Theron.


THERON was born out of a shared passion for off-road driving. The company's goal is to offer quality products that deliver performance, driving pleasure and versatility to provide a unique experience for every user. Environmentally conscious and one of the first to embrace electric vehicles, the founding team finds in electrification a whole new way of driving, and a world of possibilities that challenge our old ways of doing things when designing vehicles.

About C3E

The Centre of Excellence in Energy Efficiency (C3E) is an initiative of its two founding members, Rio Tinto Alcan and Hydro-Québec, whose mission is to help companies commercialize their innovations in the field of energy efficiency for transportation. Benefiting from the financial support of TEQ (Transition Énergétique Québec), the sums required to grant this financial support are taken from the Green Fund, from those provided for in measure 96.5 of TEQ's 2018-2023 Master Plan.

About Transition Énergétique Québec

Transition Énergétique Québec is a government corporation whose mission is to support, stimulate and promote energy transition, innovation and efficiency, and to coordinate the implementation of all programs and measures required to achieve the energy targets set by the government. A three-year partnership agreement has been signed between Transition énergétique Québec and C3E, with financial support of $4 million from the energy distributors' share. This new partnership is perfectly in line with the objectives set out in Quebec's Energy Transition, Innovation and Efficiency Master Plan, namely to maximize the benefits of public and private investment by continuing and adapting government support for energy innovation, in particular by supporting pre-commercialization.

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