[AVEQ] - (Podcast) – Taking long trips in winter

January 28, 2022

Silence on roule, François Viau & François Baillargeon

Text translated by Theron. Podcast only avaible in french

Season 6 - Episode 118

BP says its stations will soon be more profitable than its gas pumps, the median range of electric cars fell in 2021 according to the EPA, it is still not easy to try or buy an EV in Canada, FLO will supply the terminals to GM installations in the United States, The Winnebago E-RV is born, Chronicle It's not just cars, Philippe tells us about Reever by Theron. Inno-VÉ Chronicle, we return to hydrogen in the transport sector. In the Big Interview: François Baillargeon and François Viau tell us about long trips in an electric car in winter. Upcoming conferences.

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